Saturday, June 20, 2020

Apple re-closes its stores in 4 states

Apple re-closes its stores in 4 states

After the economy reopened in the US, the number of new cases began to increase in the coronavirus outbreak. While this was a concern, Apple was one of the first companies to take steps to prevent.

According to the report in Reuters, Apple has decided to re-close 11 stores in Florida, Arizona, Solar Carolina and North Carolina states, where the number of cases is growing rapidly. With this announcement, the company's shares fell 0.5 percent.

The company opened 100 stores in the first place in the USA in late May. Measures such as taking a certain number of people in the store, measuring the customers' fever at the entrance, the necessity of a mask, and frequent disinfection of products were implemented.

Apple's retail chief, Deirdre O'Brien, said in a previous statement, “We will make our store-related decisions based on local data. The reopening of shops is not hasty decisions. If local conditions require it, we can close stores again as a precaution. ”

The number of people with coronavirus detected in the USA has exceeded 2 million 200 thousand people. According to the latest data, 118 thousand 396 people died due to the epidemic.

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