Cengiz Adabag News: Grandma Who Charges Family for Christmas Dinner Explains Why She’s Raising Her Prices


Friday, December 22, 2023

Grandma Who Charges Family for Christmas Dinner Explains Why She’s Raising Her Prices

 Grandmother's Christmas Feast Comes with a Price Tag (and Surprising Supporters)

Forget fruitcake, Granny Caroline Duddridge has a different holiday tradition: charging her family for Christmas dinner.

Since her husband passed away in 2015, this Wales native has turned her festive feast into a pay-per-plate affair. And with skyrocketing grocery bills this year, the menu comes with a steeper price tag than ever before.

Think you'd get a free pass at Grandma's table? Not in Duddridge's dining room. In 2022, her adult sons coughed up £15 each, daughters ponied up £10, and even grandkids under 5 got a price tag (£5 for ages 5+, £2.50 for under-3s). And get this – the money goes straight into Granny's bank account, "to keep track of any stragglers."

But hold on, before you label Duddridge the Scrooge of Grandma Street, listen to her rationale. It's not just about recouping costs. She justifies the tiered pricing by her children's income levels: sons are full-time earners, daughters juggle part-time work and kid bills.

This year, the price hike hits the ladies even harder. Duddridge, unfazed by cries of sexism, unapologetically bumped up their fees by £2. "I did get a bit of stick," she admits, "but I don't particularly listen to public opinion."

Even with the increased charges, Duddridge isn't confident she'll break even. Grocery prices, in her words, are "just horrifying." Still, she finds solace in spreading the meals across multiple festivities: Christmas Eve sandwiches, turkey dinner on the big day, and a Boxing Day buffet.

While some family members might grumble, Duddridge has found surprisingly warm reception online. "Plenty of people on the internet applauded my decision," she says, proving that even controversial family traditions can find their fans.

So, this Christmas, if you find yourself staring down a menu with a price tag at Grandma's house, remember: some traditions come with a side of fiscal responsibility. Whether you cheer or grimace at Duddridge's unique approach, one thing's for sure – her Christmas dinner is definitely anything but ordinary.

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